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Joshua Carmichael is from Walnut Cove, North Carolina. His major is economics with a minor in statistics. He is a very ambitious student taking 15 credit hours his sophomore year.At Wake Forest he participates in Spirit of the Gold and Black and Marching Band. The Knapp Scholarship provided Joshua with the opportunity to achieve a high-level of education.  

David Lamont Jennings is from McDowell County, West Virginia. He plans on majoring in either accouning or mathematical business at Wake Forest. The Knapp Scholarship has allowed David to go to such a prestigious school.


Class of 2017 

Chelsea Hosch is from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She is majoring in business and enterprise management with a concentration in marketing and public relations. At Wake Forest she is a campus tour guide and a member of the University Gospel Choir. The Knapp Scholarship gave Chelsea a solution to accomplishing her goals at Wake Forest which include being accepted into the Business School in her sophomore year.  

Jada Campbell is from Monroe, North Carolina. She plans to major in either accounting or business enterprise management with a minor in dance at Wake Forest. She is part of Wake Forest Dance Company and Woof Forest. She was selected as a LAUNCH intern at Ernst and Young. The Knapp Scholarship gave Jada the means to pursue her business dreams.


Class of 2016


Class of 2015

"Fullfillment, unlike success, is largely defined by internal measures, by how we feel about what we are doing or have done."

                                                                          -Dr. Viktor Frankl, Man's Search For Meaning






Class of 2014


Class of 2013

Arcena Todd graduated from the Medical & Biotechnology Academy Program at Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology with at 4. 3 grade average. She was named a student leader recipient of the Bank of America's charitable trust foundation. She also started a "walk in my footsteps" initiative at her school to welcome incoming freshman and assist them in adopting to high school life and the society in which they live. 


Class of 2018

Carly Heman is from Princeton, Massachusetts. She plans to attend the Wake Forest School of Business. The Knapp Scholarhship has given her the means to expand her horizons. 


Class of 2013

Jharrison is a graduate of Hillside High School, Durham, North Carolina. Jharrison was the captain of the football team and played as a running back. He is also a saxaphone player in the symphonic band and a member of the National Honor Society. His volunteer work as a tutor of elementary students earned him a distinguished community service award. He gives credit to his parents for instilling his strong character and work ethic. 


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